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Now that we’ve highlighted some external attributes, let’s transition to your mindset during the interview.

Always remember: you have already finished the difficult part of the process. You have completed multiple years of medical school, taken your board exams, finished the ERAS application, and were selected from a large pool of applicants to attend this interview. You are already good enough to become a member of this program in terms of your CV and accomplishments.

What the interviewers are looking for now is how well you fit with their program in terms of your personality, teamwork, and career goals. Enjoy this part and smile: you get to talk about yourself and get to know your potential future colleagues. Treat this interview as a conversation between two potential co-workers who will make a strong impact on the future of medicine in the field, instead of a serious evaluation on which your entire future lies. Having the proper mindset will make all of the other interview components much more seamless.