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Virtual Interviews

When interviewing virtually there’s a couple of additional things you’ll want to keep in mind. Use a familiar space such as your home to control your environment more than if you were conducting the interview in person. Use this to your advantage by following these suggestions.

Your computer’s camera is like your interviewer’s eyes.

It should be roughly level with your eyes, so you’re looking straight into it, like you would if you were talking in person.

It’s best to use a desktop or laptop computer if you can, not a tablet or phone. The connection will generally be better, the battery life will be longer, and the camera will usually be more stable, not shaky.

Before your interview you should find a place that’s quiet and not too distracting. You want to be able to focus on the conversation you’re having, not on whatever’s going on around you.

The background behind you should be simple, not packed with distractions for the person on the other end of the videoconference. Like the points we’ve covered before, the idea is to have you be the focus onscreen, not things happening around or behind you. If you’re at home, try to find somewhere relatively plain, without too many items visible.

Maybe the most important thing about preparing your space is the lighting.

Too dark and you’ll look like you’re in a cave.

Too bright and you’ll look flat.

Too harsh from one side, above, or below, and shadows will take over your face. If you can get it – you want even light that falls across you naturally. If you can’t, try grabbing a table lamp from somewhere in your house to help.